RP60 - Gutermann Tera 60, Strong Polyester Thread

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Gutermann Tera 60 strong polyester thread. Tera 60 is a 100% polyester continuous filament and has ideal sewing properties, excellent breaking strength and abrasion resistance. The optimal choice for particularly hardwearing fabrics, holding and closing seams on clothes and technical accessories. Very high tensile strength and wear resistance for durable seams. This thread is ideal for use with our PU coated nylons, ripstops and fleeces.

This type of thread is resistant to fading from washing or chlorine and stays durable when wet. It has better UV resistance and is much more durable than nylon or cotton thread and is not going to wear out or fray as quickly.

Suitable for machine sewing or hand sewing.

600m reel

500dtex / No. 60

Use with needle size 90-100 / 14-16

Where a UV resistant thread is specifically required look at RTM69 & RT69 or RTM92 and RT92.