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Per Metre

Black 25mm polyester strong webbing combining many of the benefits of both polypropelene and nylon but without the negatives. Polyester is Polyethylene Terephalate.

Uses: due to its excellent resistance to sunlight it is ideal for outdoor use, it is a versatile fibre which has excellent properties for many applications. Use with 25mm buckles and fixings.

  • Breaking strength of 1000kg
  • Very high strength tenacity (up to 10g/den)
  • Elongation - up to 25% at breaking point
  • Abrasion - excellent resistance (5 times that of polypropelene softer feel)
  • Moisture - has a very low regain of 0.4% making it feel damp very quickly
  • Temperature - the melting point is around 260 degrees C and will withstand temperatures above 180 degrees C for some time. It will lose some strength if kept at high temperature for extended periods.  low temperature resistance is very good increasing in strength and reducing elongation.
  • It is difficult to ignite and due to its tightly woven structure burns slowly
  • Inert to most common chemicals
  • Excellent colour fastness
  • Rot, UV and mildew resistant