Z1091 - Continuous Chain Zip, No.10

Ex VAT: £3.40
Inc VAT: £4.08
Per Metre

 no.10 continuous chain zip. Heavy duty zip, sold by the metre and you then can be cut to any length required. The teeth are plastic and measure approximately 10mm across when closed. Moulded chain zips manufactured from delrin plastic compounds and are more bulky than coil zips. These zips have individual teeth that interlock and are injection moulded onto pre-woven dyed tape. They tend to be slightly stronger than an equivalent size of coil zip and also handle water and impurities better than coil zips. Add approx 2cm at each end for sewing in. Can be used with either single or double sliders. These can be ordered separately as required.

Uses: Plastic Teeth For closed end applications eg: Covers, Sprayhoods, heavy bags etc.

To determine replacement zip size, measure the size of the teeth across the zip when closed excluding the tape.

Use with Z1091SS single sliders or Z1091DS Double Sliders. Also available, Top Stops Z1091TS