About Us

Point North Profabrics began in 1975 in a small village on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. The original idea was to provide a repair service to the many Outdoor Centres based throughout Wales. This proved popular as the Centres were able to save money and the repairs soon became more technical and required higher specification fabrics. Point North found itself having to source these Technical fabrics and found that this was no easy task, it turned out that becoming a distributor ourselves would be the only way to grow!

In 1982 the founder of the Business was nominated for, and awarded the Small Business of the Year award by a national magazine. The extra publicity gained from the award gave Point North a national presence and the demand for mail order fabrics soon outgrew the repair service. New products to compliment the fabrics were added to the catalogue allowing customers to order everything they needed to complete their project.

The 1990's saw Point North Profabrics growing from strength to strenth, new larger premises were found within a Sail Loft allowing us to increase our stocks further have a sail maker on site prompted the need for a new range of marine fabrics and fittings.

The Millenium brought the exciting opportunity to market our products via the Internet to a much wider audience. After 18 months of development the first version of the profabrics.co.uk website was launched and the effect was huge. By 2010 we were despatching orders throughout Europe and the rest of the World. All of this meant that we had to stop the repair service but we are still lucky enough to supply many of the companies that took on this work.

Moving right up to date you are now looking at the latest version of the profabrics.co.uk website, hopefully you will be finding it a great improvment on its predecessor. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to the old paper calalogue, with over 1600 products we simply couldn't get them all in! We have moved to new premises near Chester, providing better transport links and allowing us to get your order to you sooner.

We have exciting plans for new products and services over the coming months and years. Watch this space for details. Even better follow us Facebook and Twitter to be kept right up to date.