WN119 - Soft Nylon Webbing, Herringbone Weave, 19mm Wide

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Per Metre

Strong, soft handling herringbone weave webbing. 19mm wide.

Herringbone weave flat nylon webbing which is great for high abrasion and strength applications. It is ideally suited for leashes, straps, D-ring belts etc.

NB: Nylon stretches when wet, so a nylon strap will not stay tight in the rain or with marine applications.

Use with 20mm buckles.

Nylon is a versatile fibre often specified for military webbing and is suitable for many other uses.

Nylon was the first commercially available synthetic fibre.
The strength is high tenacity (Up to 9g/den).
Elongation - approximately 20% at break - more when wet . This means that nylon webbing will extend when put under tension outside.
Abrasion - nylon has very good abrasion resistance.
Moisture - has a regain of 4-5 % and feels damp quickly
Temperature - the melting point is around 250 degrees C and is able to withstand 150 degrees C for many hours (It will discolour). Nylon can cope with low temperature very well (-80 Degrees C with no loss of strength).
Nylon is difficult to ignite and tightly woven structures do not burn quickly.
Excellent resistance to sunlight.
Good chemical resistance to dilute acids, decomposes in strong acids. Good resistance to common alkalis.