Z790 - Continuous Coil Zip, no.5

Ex VAT: £1.40
Inc VAT: £1.68
Per Metre

No.5 spiral coil zip. Sold by the metre and you can then cut to any length required. coil zippers use the toothed elements of helical coils to close the sides of the zip, by interlocking with each other. Use coil zip when a more inconspicuous appearance is required, or where the zip is required go around a corner. Add approx 2cm at each end for sewing in. The zip, excluding its tape, measures approximately 6mm across when closed.

Uses: Bags, rucksacks, upholstery, tents etc.

To determine replacement zip size, measure the size of the teeth across the zip when closed excluding the tape.

Use with Z790SS single sliders or Z790DS double sliders.